Symbiosis Prospectus for Distance MBA Program

Symbiosis ProspectusSymbiosis Prospectus for distance MBA program: How to collect

Symbiosis Prospectus is important to get all information about Symbiosis MBA center before you take admission. Therefore, it is important to know the process for collecting Symbiosis Prospectus for distance MBA program. You can purchase the prospectus from different sources:

  • Symbiosis prospectus can be obtained from SCDL Campus at Pune for Rs 1200/-.
  • You can purchase Symbiosis Prospectus from all Axis bank branch for Rs 1200/-
  • You can purchase Symbiosis Prospectus online from the SCDL website for RS 1100/-,
  • International Students can purchase the Symbiosis Prospectusand application form online for USD 80 or equivalent Rs 5,200/-.

For detail on getting prospectus for distance MBA programs from Symbiosis click here

About symbiosis distance learning:-

Symbiosis distance learning has been awarded 1st among the top distance learning and its offer different program in various fields of management. For more ranking and its name among the top distance learning institute in India visit here,

Symbiosis program structure:-

Symbiosis MBA distance learning offer 2 year PGDBA program in different specialization and Business administration is compulsory for first year for all PGDBA programs and after completion of 1st year you have to study specialization which you have selected like finance, customer relationship management, operations, human resource, management accounting and marketing.

I Semester Subject

1) Principle and Practise of management

2) Management accounting

3) Business Law

4) Organizational Behaviour

5) Managerial Economic

II Semester Subject

1) Financial Managment

2) Marketing Management

3) Management information systems

4) Production/operation Management

5) Human resource Management

For 2nd year subject of every specialization of symbiosis MBA distance learning visit here,

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