Regional centres of IGNOU Distance MBA

Regional Centres of IGNOU

Regional centres of IGNOU:

Regional centres of IGNOU are the small operation units spread all over India for facilitating students about the leverage distance courses. In other ways, Regional centres of IGNOU are the nodal units that operate under the jurisdiction of their individual RCs.

The Regional centres of IGNOU has been explained under Section 2(J)  Act as under: “Regional Centres” means a Centres established or upheld by the University for the reason of coordinating and supervising the work of the Study Centers in any region and for execution of certain functions as conferred by the Board of Management (BoM).

Further, under Section 5(1) (XXII) of the Act, the University is authorized to confer autonomous status to a Regional Centres for training coordinators/counselors/other functionaries and would offer a place for the students and the academic counselors to provide their responses with reference to a particular subject. Responsibility for random checking of student assignment, if required, would also stays with Regional Centers. Therefore, following amenities are available at Regional Centres of IGNOU:

  • Availability of Library course material,
  • Availability of Video and audio cassettes,
  • Access to Computers.

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