LPU Distance MBA Admission 2016-17


Before knowing LPU Distance MBA Admission details, let’s check about Lovely Professional University. The university is one of the most appraised names in Distance education in India. This university is affiliated under University Grants Commission for facilitating Distance Education of India. LPU DE tag line “Educating India, Educating World” simply speaks of the motto of the education as their “modus oparendi”.

As distance education has become one of the most important modes of online education in India, the importance of Lovely University is increasing each day. A majority number of people live off the city and find attending to regular courses extremely time-consuming. On the other hand, a big group of people currently doing professional service are recipient of distance learning courses because they cannot spare time for pursuing further education hampering their regular job schedule. For them online education is the way to upgrade their skill set officially; Lovely University with its online MBA programs and facility of easy LPU Distance MBA Admission an amicable option to upgrade their qualification.

Online MBA s are now being accepted as authenticate accreditation for working professionals who have plan to apply for senior managerial roles. Newbies, who are doing their study and are planning to start their professional life, will be at advantage to get higher paying jobs. Lovely University admission is a straightforward way to get high paying jobsby enhancing marketability of resume.

LPU distance learning MBA is beneficial for students as well as for working professionals because o its industry allied course curriculums. Study material of LPU is well designed or developing leadership ability and managerial qualification of all its recipients to apply and perform well in the roles of leaders and managers with best professional performance. Online MBA programs from Lovely Professional University offers industry insight developing, professional skillset, and leadership abilities to perform consistent under pressure in competitive business world.

One of the best things about LPU distance education MBA is its convenience in LPU Distance MBA Admissiononline. The institute has its online education portal called LPU e-connect or coordinating online MBA classes and all students along with offering seamless integration between study centers and access to online study material or due learning of the courses.


Distance MBA options in LPU for study:

Lovely Professional University Distance Education (LPUDE) offers various Degree and Diploma courses that cater need of the students or their online MBA courses. These courses are specially designed to match the need of industry and suitable for working professionals, businessman/entrepreneurs, and students looking for an exposure in managerial roles and responsibilities.

Lovely Professional University offers online Distance MBA under different disciplines. In the year 2016-2017 session the following streams are available for aspirants:

  • Marketing
  • Operation Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Retail Management
  • Information Technology

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