LPU- Benefits of joining Online MBA


There are different benefits of doing online MBA from LPU. Most of these benefits are about the quality and unique set up of the university that CLEARLY EXPLKAINS why Distance MBA from LPU is a great career option!

  • Quality study curriculum and world-class study material by industry expert tutors,
  • Flexible study schedule,
  • Access to e-learning portal,
  • Facility of scholarships,
  • Supportive placement facilities for excellent career support,
  • Affordable fee structure,
  • Industry acceptance of the LPU accreditations.

The university embraces technology driven merged system of delivery to offerits various online MBA programsfor aspirants want to explore their career with management qualification. Provision of Exhaustive also including Self Learning Material (Study Material) for certain courses, is made through LPU e-Connect (Online Learning Management System) for thefacilitation of the learners. Additionally, Personal Contact Programs at the University Campus, Phagwara, Punjab are conducted for certain courses are some of the reasons why Distance MBA from LPU is a great career option!

LPU e-Connect: Distance Education e-Learning Portal

Lovely Professional University (LPU) has introduced their new age distance education portal and they call it e-connect. The primary role of e-connect is offering seamless integration between students, study centers, and university. Students can access their study material from here anytime they need with secure access using unique USER ID and password. E connect provides study support for all courses offered by LPU including online MBA courses.

The prime advantages of using LPU-E connect

  • Facility of 24×7 accessibility
  • The portal empowers students to learn at their spare time,
  • It builds seamlessintegration between Students, Study Centers and the University,
  • The portal offers support to enhance teaching-learning experience,
  • It caters to different study related and administrative requirements,
  • The e-learning portal offers a real classroom hang in virtual ambiance,
  • The e-learning portal offers provides personalized learning environment.

Lovely Professional university e-learning portal has the following features, which are students friendly, instant available, and can be accessed completely free of cost.

  • Global standard e-Resources.
  • Seamless facility of e-Communication.
  • Facility of practicing e-Tests.
  • Quick access forCourse Connect.
  • Availability of Exams Connect.
  • Facility to create My Account.
  • Advantageous Chat facility or student to student communication.
  • Advantage of accessing educational Forum.
  • You can lodge your complain to Grievance Cell.
  • Enjoy your feedback.
  • Get Contact Details or communication leverage.

All of the above mentioned features are implemented in order to offer all studentsuser friendly facility to learn & communicate with relevant faculty members & administrative department of the university. Students can enjoy easy access to discuss any topic in the forum or can initiate chat with faculty on several academic issues. E-testsevaluate students &offer assessmenttests on spot, which gives instant approval/evaluation for a student which help them to understand their preparation strength. Grievance cell offers assistance for student to share their grievance &create a strong relation with university. Students can share their feedback which helps LPU to improve the entire system.

The e-learning portal can be accessed from the following link https://ums.lpu.in/econnect/


Lovely Professional University is acknowledged by the University Grants Commission- Distance EducationBureau, which is a regulatory body of Indian Government, for Open and Distance Learning System to conduct online Programs via Open & Distance Learning mode.

Lovely Professional University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), a statutory body of the Government of India founded for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of university education in India.

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