Diploma in Business Management (with Specializations)

What can I expect out of this qualification?

Diploma in Business Management with specializations Level 7 prepares graduates for professional positions in specialized areas of business management, or for further studies in the fields of business management and/or business administration and planning. The course is intended for people with prior qualifications or experience in the areas of business management, information technology, or tourism and hospitality and who wish to acquire knowledge and skills to pursue specialized managerial roles within New Zealand or internationally, or for further studies in the fields of business management. It is suitable for people who wish to become specialized managers in growing businesses.

What can I learn during this qualification?

The course consists of three components: 1. Compulsory Components: Compulsory components are aimed at building the fundamental concepts and skills required to deliver workable business solutions for organisations through basic information on business planning during the first year and then business strategic planning and applications during the second year. The compulsory components of the first year cover 90 credits at NZQA Levels 5 and 6 . The compulsory components of the second year cover 60 credits at NZQA Level 7. 2. Specialization Components: Specialization components allow the students to specialize in a specific area of business management. There are four sets of components and each set corresponds to an area of specialization. A student must choose at least one set of components for the area in which he/she wishes to specialize. A set of components towards a specialization covers 30 credits at NZQA level 6. 3. Project-based Components: Project-based components require the student to complete a project management course and pursue a project, applying the knowledge and skills gained through the compulsory and specialization components and any prior learning into the specific area in which they wish to specialize. Every student must complete two compulsory project-based components totaling 60 credits at NZQA Levels 6 and 7. The first project covers the basics of business and would be a business project plan simulation for a small to medium enterprise during the 4th term of each student’s first year. It covers 15 credits at NZQA Level 6. The level 6 project is complemented by a project management paper which helps students to understand the nature and structure of project management. The second project is the main project which has to be done during the final term of the programme and covers 30 credits at NZQA Level 7.

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