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3 Steps to Take When Your Dream Job Turns Toxic

1. Keep a Paper Trail After a year of high-fives in her job as a coordinator at a film festival, Jennifer was promoted into an executive role. She knew it was an amazing opportunity to add management experience to her resume. But quickly she saw some financial sketchiness that made her very uncomfortable. “I refused to sign off on certain financial documents. I did my best to clean things up and k...[Read More]

In today’s connected world, a huge percentage of us will at some point look for our next job online. The below sets out some of the common pitfalls of online job hunting and the best way to make sure your application gets noticed. 5 common mistakes to avoid when jobhunting online: 1. Recruiter jargon and buzzwords Like it or not, lots of jobs you’ll see online are written by recruiters...[Read More]

Ageing workforce: what are the benefits of working after retirement age? We can’t afford to waste the skills and experience of older people who want to work Retirement isn’t what it used to be, and it never will be again. More and more of us are still working at an age when previous generations were out to grass and on the golf course. Why? Some of us need the money, perhaps because we...[Read More]

Charity Jobs: Five Things to Consider Before Applying 1.Specific skills are not essential Helen Giles: for entry level jobs you don’t need specific skills Employers look for people with the right core competences – the right level of cognitive abilities, analytical and critical reasoning, personal organisation skills, self-directed learning and development and most importantly the ability to...[Read More]

For your first job in politics, it’s important to persevere I can’t remember how many jobs and internships I applied for before I got my foot on the ladder. Make sure you have something concrete to demonstrate your interest in politics and justify a career. For example, volunteer with your local MP or charity – they always need help. We get lots of CVs from people who want to work in p...[Read More]

During the typical job interview, you’ll be peppered with many interview questions. But do you really understand what the interviewer needs to know? “Most [candidates] have no idea why a recruiter asks a particular question,” says Brad Karsh, a former recruiting professional for advertising giant Leo Burnett and current president of career consulting firm Job Bound. “They t...[Read More]

Tourism and Hospitality have seen their growths in various domains. Whether it be leisure or business or medical tourism and hospitality, people from all societies of the world come to India for such related services. Check this course page to know more information about the various admissions going on in India, universities offering Travel courses and colleges imparting university approved educat...[Read More]

  Students who have taken up commerce stream, have a good future in banking and financial institutions. There are various subjects studied under commerce stream some being theoretical like Business Law and others being practical like Financial accounting, Business finance, Auditing, Taxation etc. Every subject deals with different category of functioning of business. Commerce streams are offe...[Read More]

Baking, one of the oldest professions in the world, is a very dynamic and innovative culinary technique used for making bread and confectioneries. Baking is the process of cooking food through dry heat which is usually done in an oven, hot ashes or hot stones. It is a specialised field which requires a thorough understanding of cooking techniques and sticking to precise recipes. As a profession, b...[Read More]

  Knowing networking is critical to their search, most job hunters work hard to arrange face-to-face meetings with contacts. But setting up appointments with all the friends, professional acquaintances and corporate executives you can is just the first step. More important is knowing what to say once you arrive. Wasting contacts’ time is unacceptable, so you should prepare an agenda bef...[Read More]

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